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  1. I saw that one but just don't really want that much. If I wanted that much, I would just do the Readylift that comes with new UCA with corrected ball joint angle.
  2. You're saying the spacer was .5" thick? How much did it raise the front and what is the rake now? That's basically what I was wanting to do with the CH-1LM-TB or CH-1LM from Motofab but not sure what's up with the TB version being listed as unavailable on their site? And if the non-TB spacer would add more than 1" in height or what if it was designed for a different strut assembly..
  3. Did you get the 1.75"? Does it still have some rake to it?
  4. Seen a few posts where apparently the UCA balljoint gets in bind with the spindle. Somebody had picks where the boot was tore from premature wear.
  5. New member but have been reading for a while.. Have read through all 30 pages of the 2019+ leveled trucks thread and still don't see what I'm looking for. Seems like Motofab and others once made a 1.5" level specific for the AT4/Trailboss but has discontinued it. Trying to decide what's best to do here without having UCA balljoint issues. I really don't want a full 2" level as I tow a good bit on the weekends but the 2" rake is killing me.. Options are listed below? Motofab 1" lower spacer (CH-1LM-TB) motofab website shows it unavailable? Motofab 1" lower spacer (CH-1LM) listed for non AT4/Trailboss - wonder if this would be ok? Readylift 1.75" (66-3921) - more expensive option but seems to address issue of balljoint issue and also wouldn't have to decompress the strut to add top spacer? I see that Rough Country offers a 2" strut leveling kit but in the notes it states that is not for an AT4/Trailboss or the 3.0 diesel. And have seen some say they are having issues with balljoints with the 1318 kit. Any others that I am missing? Or anybody with any of the above that has some mileage with any or no issues want to chime in? Thanks!
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