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  1. With the aftermarket parts this is not a surprise as most of them take power and fuel mileage away. I have no problems pulling 16k in mountain terrain 5-7 % with cruise control at 74 mph. Truck is stock and pulls better than my 18 did with same fifth wheel. We have a 9% grade hill that we pull from stop at the bottom and let off for a corner about three quarters of a mile up at 55mph. The ten speed makes a big difference in the pulling on hills. I will say aftermarket intake parts I have seen take power and fuel mileage away on any engine specially on diesels.
  2. I have been working on these since they came out 19 years ago and each time they do something to make them quitter you hear something else. Well I have also owned a 13, 15, 18 and now a 20 I know for a fact my 18 made the same noise the bulletin states as a tick but I would agree it is more of a thump and this is more noticeable in my 20. The noise changes as the oil breaks down and usually the noise is gone before I change it. I can’t say for sure what the noise is exactly from but I can say without a doubt it is normal. The real question is has anybody had or heard of a duramax with this noise fail?
  3. So has anyone had any luck with a aftermarket options for the camera? It would be nice to find a affordable option that you can actually buy.
  4. Mine did not work at all so I called onstar and they did something to rest it and it now works great. I could connect but it just didn’t have service.
  5. Does anyone no if you use aftermarket sensors do they display the tire temperature as well as pressure? Has any had any luck with the aftermarket sensors? I want to buy a set but really having a hard time spending $300 on four sensors.
  6. Fluid film is a bad joke. I cause the plastic that is in the springs to stick causing the noise. It also as it states cause rubber to swell destroying wires and seals in the connectors. I have personally replaced two chassis wire harnesses because of fluid film. Not to mention it wipes off the factory undercoat.
  7. Well just traded my 2018 for a 2020 both High Country Duramax. We camp with a 16,000 pound fifth wheel so tow often in the summer. The 2020 has the factory hitch with a curt 25k. First off had to move the hitch to the highest setting and it still touched the bed rail pulling in my driveway the old truck was close but didn’t touch. The truck pulls very smoothly and feels good in the road transmission shifts a lot smoother than the 2018 but when pulling hills in Vermont is noticeable less power. With the 2018 I could set Cruze control at 72 and it would maintain speed today I was not able to at all was down to 68 for a bit on a hill I could go 75 if I didn’t pay attention. Does not have the pulling power. Then after pulling hill I had to go down a 7% grade one mile long and stop at the bottom and found the exhaust brake way less effective. I am over all impressed with the truck and the way it rides handles and pulls with confidence but they have missed the mark when programming the transmission for towing. This is my fourth duramax and I work on these as my day job and feel they really have cut power while towing not sure if it is engine power or just they way it is delivered with the transmission but feels about the same as my 15 duramax maybe little less. Still a great truck
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