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  1. my situation is this I rotated my tires and the computer sees the front wheel is on the front not the back where i put it I run 60 front 80 rear Low tire monitor is on lights flash and horn beeps when i turn off the truck quite annoying when i go somewhere and people think i am beeping at them I don't want to go to the dealer every time i rotate my tires i did pump up the tires to 65 and everything works as it should except when you look at pressure in information center shows the front wheel pressure is the opposite of what it is
  2. Happy new Year ! A little off topic but has anyone attempted to drain fuel from the fuel filter housing ? I did a little research and got the torx bit and a inch pound torque wrench I took out the plug and nothing came out. Does anyone have any experience in this ?? I was going to just drop the filter and replace it r but I only have 12K on it Thanks
  3. Hello, Newbie here I tried to search with no luck I rotated my tires and now I have a low pressure light because of it How can I reset it without going to a dealer ?? Thanks in advance
  4. I was told it can't be added when i asked my dealer last winter The elevated idle will keep exhaust temps up in cold weather to prevent wet stacking I try not to just idle at anytime just shut it down also a no idle law in CT
  5. i will click some pics after some morning java
  6. they might try to tell you different but you can verify with one call to DMV
  7. I don't know about your state but the deal isn't final until you leave the dealer with the truck In CT they would need to unwind the deal by LAW
  8. I actually paid $2000 less than I would have The dealership wasn't a very well oiled machine I would not EVER go back there ! They could not even adjust the tire pressure or top off the DEF without spilling all over the side of the truck They offer the first LOF free I could just imagine that show !
  9. No it was plus taxes and fees and minus my trade I think they were chasing dealer cash I got all the $$ for my 2018 F350 with the infamous death wobble lol
  10. I picked up a 2020 3500 CC 4X4 6.6 High Country 1/31/20 MSRP $78250 I paid $67500
  11. Thanks I will crawl under and find it I thought that is what I read about draining it but it sounded funky and I had concerns about getting air in there do you generally drain it periodically ?? I usually did that on my old truck
  12. I just bought a set of Dura flaps pretty pricey but they seem good and effective I got the ones with the weights since I drive in the snow at times I was going to go with OEM but they didn't look like they would do much
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