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  1. Thank you, that's the type of information I was looking for. Now to find them.
  2. Thank you. I was trying to avoid changing the factory strut. in my research I guess a 2" lowering spindle and a lift spacer under the strut base is the easiest but wanted to see if the community has better ideas.
  3. Hi, any information would be appreciated. I have an '18 Sierra Crew Cab 2 wheel drive and I'm looking for the best way to lower the front end just 1". I have already installed 2" lowering shackles and pulled the block out in the rear. I installed a 2° shim at the same time and it rides smooth as glass. It's 1"higher in the rear but I believe it would sit much better if it is lowered in the front to still give it a bit of a rake. I'm going for a "what factory could have done" look.
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