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  1. What is the cost of Diablew? I don't know anything about it.
  2. I am not very educated in trucks or mechanics but I am learning. I have a 2016 Silverado LT 1500 Z71 and it seems that from a stop the take off is gutless... I mean it seems like my truck has no balls. The take off seems to have a weak washed out shift and then when it shifts again it starts to take off... Is this normal? I just bought a Range to disable AFM but I'm not sure this is a AFM issue... Any thoughts?
  3. I don't know much about trucks and I really appreciate all of the information. I'm not try to spend a lot of money on this... I spend all of my money on the aforementioned trailer and the horses that ride in it.... Just trying to do what I can to help the truck hold up to the pulling. I can't remember exactly off hand but I think the loaded trailer is at or just over 11,000 pounds. Does anyone know anything about timbrens? The guy at the dealership said I could have them installed on the leafsprings to help support the weight of pulling. It is a goose neck trailer.
  4. Is a range disabler a long term solution or would I need to buy one of those $400+ tuners that have been mentioned in previous replies?
  5. I did notice that it was acting weird pulling the trailer. We were stopped and I started to accelerate and it hesitated before picking up power and taking off. I'm just assuming it had something to do with transitioning from V4 to V8 or something? I don't mind leaving the Range plugged. It sounds like the Diablo 8245 would be great but instead of spending almost $400 I could spend just $189 and still get what I need. I was hearing that pistons or rings or seals could dry up or burn up.. Or something about burning oil. I don't know if that problem has been fixed prior to the 2016's or not. I'm just looking for opinions and information. I'm not a truck or mechanical expert. Just trying to piece together some of the details. I think it would be nicer while pulling to have V8 and not have to mess around with the V4 and lack of power. It just makes more sense to me that if you put the truck in pull mode that it would auto lock V8...........
  6. I just bought a 2016 Silverado 1500 LT z71 with 167,000 miles. I bought it from a dealership so it went through whatever point inspection they perform. The previous owner was the original owner and apparently drove it a ton... I would assume a lot of those miles have to be highway in order to put up 41,000 miles per year. My question is on this particular truck should I buy a Range and disable the AFM? Any other issues I should be aware of with this many miles? I will mention that we are pulling with it at or near its capacity. I had a gooseneck hitch installed and we pull my wifes all aluminum 3 horse gooseneck with it. I don't have the weight off hand but I know it's right near the trucks capacity loaded with 3 horses. I was told that it would be a good idea to have something called a timbren added to the leafsprings. On Sunday we loaded up 2 horses and went on a trail ride. I will say the truck did not labor at all and it was a nice pull. I am wondering if you click the tow button does the AFM disable so it stays full power V8? If it is recommended that I buy a Range I will definitely do so. I just want to make the best decisions so this truck can last me a few years.
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