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  1. So finally got around to testing the power from the truck. No power Any ideas? What should we do next?
  2. A blockage in the line could be possible, although the fuel filter is installed correctly and I’ve blown through the lines with air. My problem is my pump isn’t working at all, even though it’s brand new. When the turn the key it doesn’t pump.
  3. Sorry guys let me provide some background on the truck. It’s my buddies dads and a friend and I are fixing it up for him. We pulled it out of a barn with the knowledge “it has a bad fuel pump,” that was it. So we drop the tank and replace the pump with a brand new one. Before we put the tank back in we plugged the pump in to verify that it worked, and it did. We put everything back together but we still don’t get fuel to the engine. So we replaced the fuel filter, and still got nothing. So we figured we must’ve had the lines on wrong (we’re 17 year old kids who just wrench on stuff for fun and we’re learning) so we take all the lines off and gas runs out, but the pump still doesn’t work, even though it worked when we put it in. So I’m perplexed. Any ideas?
  4. Hi all, I have an electrical issue and my fuel pump isn’t getting power. I checked the plug for the pump and it is reading plenty of power. What else could be wrong? Thanks, Will
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