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  1. Ok here goes, I live in Ontario but I converted everything to USD, I bought a 2020 GMC Sierra Double Cab 4x4 Base, 2.7 litre, remote start only option added chrome bumpers and spra;y in liner included, 2.7 promo package and connivence package were already on the truck Dealer Invoice $35,137 Rebates. $ 8358 Difference. $26779 Tax. $2467. (Tax only on the difference between trade and new vehicle) OTD $27,246
  2. Hello All, I have been reading lots of posts related to problems with the 2019/20 Sierra , around infotainment issues and engine codes. I could not find any problems with the 2.7 litre base model. I am taking delivery of a 2020 Sierra Double Cab 4x4 with the 2.7 litre on Saturday. Are there things I should be watching out for? Is it because mostly the negative posts get the most attention or are these trucks that unreliable? I am hoping I have purchased a reliable vehicle , if there is anyone who has a vehicle with similar specs to mine I would like to hear about their experiences with the vehicle? Thanks Mike
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