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  1. To be honest I think I’ve grown out of the “extreme loud” exhaust phase I was once in and now I like a nice deep rumble which is why I added the cherry bomb to it just to tone it down just a bit. The straight pipe I put in after cutting out the stock muffler and flapper was just a bit too loud in the cab when accelerating but honestly these trucks are not like trucks of old and a straight pipe is really deep but a cleaner sound with no popping pike they used to.
  2. After re reading my post I misquoted my headlights. I did not do LED bulbs on the headlights. I only added the LED DTL lights on the bottom valence above the tow hooks. I went with the Philips Diamond Vision HB3 and H11 HID Halogen bulbs . They are great and id say about 24% brighter than the crappy factory ones. I ran into the situation you speak of on my previous Silverado when adding the Led bulbs to a headlight made for halogen and won’t do that again.
  3. Finally after 3 weeks of waiting on parts I got my 6inch Fabtech installed. Bought the Opt7 grille kit and installed it directly behind the Chevrolet letters. I’m working on fabricating a close out panel to mount behind the letters to block the light from shining into the entire grille so that only the letters light up. If anyone is looking for a great lighting kit then get the opt7. I can turn the lights on from as far away as in my house with the remote and the quality is ten times better than the other China made crap sold on Amazon.
  4. It has nothing to do with your lift or any differentiating specs. I have been waiting on my new truck for two weeks to get done having it’s lift added and for the new wheels and tires to come in since they were held up in shipping so the dealer gave me a 2020 double cab 4wd LT with the 5.3 to drive and I was sitting in a parking lot on my computer and heard what you described so I thought something blew off a tree or something so I just packed up and started driving only to keep hearing it as I drove from time to time. I had to switch trucks because the dealer sold the one I was driving so I got a crew cab this time and the same thing happened today before taking it back to finally pick up my truck. I asked them about it and it has something to do with the roof under different temps. They have had multiple complaints but no remedy. I bought the 19 model that was left over and a crazy deal and I have not experience that noise in it and the dealer hasn’t had any complaints pertaining to that noise from a 19 model.
  5. I have a serious issue going on with the lift issue I have run into with my brand new 1500. I just bought the truck and purchased the GM leveling kit and GM suspension lift that the dealer advised me on and would fit 35’s. They didn’t take into account that my truck had the max trailering suspension do none of it fit so they ordered the fabtech stealth 3inch lift kit and put it on and delivered the truck to me. I immediately noticed the lift didn’t clear the 35’s and it rubbed terrible so I sent it back to them. The lift they Put on was substantially cheaper than what I originally paid for so there is money in the deal to purchase whatever is needed so they advised I go with the basic 6inch kit from fabtech. I’m not sure that’s the best set up so I need advise. I only have till Monday morning to decide before they start putting on the 6inch lift so any advice on a different set up to get me roughly 4 to 5 inches and a better ride than the 6 inch lift please let me know! I have about $2600 to spend on the setup even if it’s keeping the stealth lift that’s on it and adding a different coil over setup. Please someone help me out.
  6. Working on all the upgrades and it’s back at the dealer now having the fabtech leveling kit added to the fabtech stealth 3in lift that’s currently on it. Running 35’s on fuel 20x9’s. I’ve added led highs and lows along with DTL LEDs above the tow hooks which are tapped into the headlamp fuse block, hard tonneau cover from GM, 5% ceramic tint all around, entire windshield tinted at 35% with 5% strip, and I’m waiting on the off road steps to come in so if anyone would be interested in the chrome ones currently on mine I’ll make a good deal on them I live in SC.
  7. Yes I agree! How much did that set you back and where did you get the parts from?
  8. Looking for more ideas on how to spruce up the Custom model front end but I'm having a hard time finding accessories specifically for the Custom model. Any ideas or help appreciated! I've currently added Fabtech 3" Stealth suspension lift, 35's, Fuel Titan 20x9, Phillips Diamond Vision Halogen HID highs and lows(very impressed), purchased but not installed yet the Daytime running lamp LED strip for above the Lowbeam lights.
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