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  1. I usually break the whole thing taking it Off. Is that a pressurized hose. I kinda wanna put hoses with clamps and a metal Tinstaed of this plastic stuff.
  2. I think the leak is coming from the black heater hose connector, I've changed it before but put it back on in the wrong order .I should've put it on the metal pipe then into the fire wall connection, instead I put on the opposite and struggled with it after that I seen a few drops from that connector...although I haven't seen any drops from there recently I have a sneaky suspicion that ,that could be the issue cuz it drops directly onto the manifold. I just can't see any trace of coolant anywhere else.
  3. Ya thats the problem should I just take it to a shop and have them inspect it
  4. I dont have an infrared thermometer, I keep smelling coolant when I'm stopped at a light. Even on short trips thats why I'm kinda trippin on it.
  5. Thanks I'm going on a 4 hour road trip and just wasn't sure if that is normal. I didn't want to be stuck on the road going camping with the fam and get stuck. Thanks
  6. I have a 2004 yukon 5.3 and I don't understand why the top radiator hose is really hot and I can't hold it for only a few seconds and the bottom hose is just warm that I can hold it for a while. I have change the pump and the thermostat and its bothering me. I feel like it not circulating enough or something. The temp stays between 200 and 210. I don't wanna be driving long distance and something happen...please help
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