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  1. Did you ever find out where you lost ground at?
  2. Hey guys! Hope you can help me out...For the past month and a half my truck has been throwing this code and dying. Then just cranks. I've changed the crank position sensor twice. The pig tail to the sensor with a new one. And put a different PCM in. Which seemed to work for about 300km until recently I hit a bump and it died again. Throwing P0335 code again. Could this be a ground issue? Rubbed through wire somewhere else in the harness?
  3. Still throwing that code. I pulled the sensor and ran it and it threw another code. Plugged sensor back in and second code went away. Might just have to pay someone to fix this I think...
  4. Thanks for dumbing this down for me. I have cleaned the MAF and I also have what looks to be broken manifold bolts..the very back ones on each side. Just going for a drive now and will see how it runs.
  5. I am getting these codes on my 2004 GMC 1500 5.3l. I have read up on them and I just get way too deep on the internet and flustered. Any way someone could point me in the direction to start?
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