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  1. I know K&N's may be a gimmick but I have had them in my cars for the last 10 years. Does anyone have any experience with them in the 2.7 Turbo? It's my first turbo and just worried the K&N might cause problems with it (don't know why it would but I am a worrier). Thanks for any input.
  2. Brand new 2020 Custom Crew Cab short bed with 2.7 owner. Think the engine is still "breaking in as it still has less than 200 miles after a couple of days. I am seeing right at 20 in hilly "city" driving in north GA. I got 24.6 mpg driving it home from the dealership I bought it from on Thorton Road on 285/75 in Atlanta. The price was a steal in my opinion. Came with a tow package (might tow a small ski boat one day but the tow total is only 6750 so probably not towing anything else). Also came with differential and a couple of other options. I paid $28500 before TAVT in GA. So far driving experience has been awesome. When I first got in the truck I had to turn onto a very busy street and had to punch it. Was immediately shocked by the power of the little engine that could. Has a neat sound to it in my opinion. Love the v8 sound but think I would get tired of it after a while. The little 4 cyl and the turbo sounds pretty cool to me. My last Chevy Silverado was a 2000 model I bought brand new. My 2020 Custom is a huge huge step up.
  3. Just bought my 2020 Custom Crew Cab 2WD in Georgia with the 2.7 Turbo...28,800 before taxes. Pickings were slim and having to wait two weeks for mine to arrive at dealer.
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