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  1. Update the dealership I bought the truck from said rail dust also. it will be taken care of under the warranty. I only have 2000 miles on mine
  2. my white 2021 also has this problem. I even had purchased the armor all protective coating they offered. will be paying the dealer a visit. I shouldn't have any spots like this with the special coating that was the sole reason for buying the package to protect the surface.
  3. Ya its plug & play AFTER THE WHOLE DASH & CENTER HAD TO COME OUT OF THE TRUCK TO INSTALL THIS KIT!!! THIS IS SOMETHING THE FACTORY SHOULD BE INSTALLING!!! I'm pretty handy and there is no way I could have done this. And it was not cheap to have installed at my local custom shop. Dealer I bought the truck from had no clue. Dealer one town over has a dedicated guy doing these installs that takes many hours to do the job on my 2021 duramax ltz 3500
  4. wonder if they are gonna let me order that plow prep with that all electric 3500hd and be able too run her 20+hrs every snow storm
  5. ya pretty much like trailboss1 said and you get exactly what you want. the dealership I'm dealing with is good to me also. just need the truck to get here now. hopefully wont be long now. was pulled for quality control hopefully that doesn't take long. does anybody know how long quality control takes? on a truck before they ship it out.
  6. My build a 3500 crew ltz duramax was given a build week of the 28th of September and was built on the 30th first day of 21 production then was pulled for quality control hopefully this process doesn't take to long and they ship out quickly to the NY drop yard bound to Ct. just waiting for it to arrive at this point. Does anybody know how long quality control takes?
  7. Mine was heading to body shop on 9-30-2020 on first day of production but then was pulled for quality control. hopefully that doesn't hold it up to long and they ship out quickly.
  8. too bad when you take the tailgate off you loose all the cameras on the truck and now created a safety issue as well as loosing your fancy high tech system on your 80k-100k truck. guess the engineers must have missed that in thinking nobody takes their tailgates off for slide ins / salt spreaders for winter and whatever else you would need to take the tailgate off.
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