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  1. I was able to find one. Thanks everyone
  2. Thanks Steve, sounds good just let me know
  3. My 14 work truck has 278,000 on it. We use it as a delivery vehicle, 2WD, 4.3 V6. great truck, oil change every 3K all maintenance done. Replaced coil packs at 150,000. Recently started downshifting a bit hard when climbing a hill. full trans service cured 90% of that. I would drive cross county in it no sweat
  4. Thanks Steve, I'm not in a hurry at all. If you find yourself wanting to sell the rubber insert at sometime, let me know - Mark
  5. Thanks for the info - If anyone has one laying around after their mods let me know. email me at [email protected]
  6. Does anyone know the part number for the rubber insert for this cubby hole? I need to replace one. Thanks Max
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