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  1. So I bought a "new to me" 2018 club cab. Love it!!!. I need the part numbers for the mud/splash guard that are mounted on the front of the rear tires. My pass side is cracked. I have the mud flaps that are on the backside of the tires already. Thanks on advance. Max from Wisconsin.
  2. My 14 work truck has 278,000 on it. We use it as a delivery vehicle, 2WD, 4.3 V6. great truck, oil change every 3K all maintenance done. Replaced coil packs at 150,000. Recently started downshifting a bit hard when climbing a hill. full trans service cured 90% of that. I would drive cross county in it no sweat
  3. Thanks Steve, I'm not in a hurry at all. If you find yourself wanting to sell the rubber insert at sometime, let me know - Mark
  4. Thanks for the info - If anyone has one laying around after their mods let me know. email me at [email protected]
  5. Does anyone know the part number for the rubber insert for this cubby hole? I need to replace one. Thanks Max
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