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  1. Having the 6.2 would be nice but I don’t do a lot of heavy towing maybe a small boat now and then. If I could get it in an sle I would I’m just not a big fan of those years in slt or Denali trims.
  2. Thanks, good to know if I find one with the 4.8. Most of the ones I found have the 5.3 and my 2016 had the 5.3 I just used a plug in device to bypass the afm. I’m assuming they make a device like for the 14+ models.
  3. Hi everyone I’m looking at sierra 1500s between 09-13 with around 100k miles. I’ve heard the 5.3 is good for about 160 before needing major work done and tranny is good for 200 but idk how much of that is true or if there’s anything I should know. looking at the lower trims like an sle cc 4x4. Any input regarding these trucks would be much appreciated thanks.
  4. Anyone put at4 wheels on a last gen model? I got a 16 Denali and there’s an abundance of 20in black at4 wheels for sale and was wondering how it’d look
  5. I'm looking to maybe do the same on my 16 Sierra. any idea if the new Denali or at4 wheels will fit without trimming or leveling?
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