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  1. Thanks! Just 20% on the front 2 and a window strip to bring it all together. Should be about $100
  2. Garage is 440 sq ft so I probably have about 4 feet lengthwise thankfully
  3. Thanks! I just put painters tape around them and hit them with a few layers of plastidip. It stays on the pipes even with the heat I’ve done it on a few cars
  4. Hi guys. Just wanted to introduce myself and share a few pictures of my new 2020 Trail Boss. It's my first truck after a long list of cars (2019 Charger Daytona 392, 2017 Mustang GT, 2013 GT 500, 2012 CTS-V, 2012 Mustang GT, 2011 Corvette Grand Sport, 2003 350Z etc), so it's definitely new for me to be so high up. Was able to trade in my Charger a year after buying it for the same price I paid and bought this truck before it was even delivered to the dealer. Nearly had a heart attack because even though I had measured beforehand, it didn't seem like it was exactly going to fit into my garage haha (have maybe 3-4 inches up top). MSRP was $56,220 and ended up paying $46,720 before taxes. I opted for the Convenience package I & II, Leather Package, Safety Package I, Bed Protection Package, Advanced Trailering Package and the Wheel Locks. I bought the truck Friday, on Saturday I waxed it and blacked out the emblems/exhaust tips and today I got the windows tinted. I already have some side steps, a new antenna and black lug nuts on order from American Trucks.
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