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  1. These pics look great all- I hope to pick up an RST Double Cab in Silver this week. It will need a Tonneau, Rhino Lining and side steps. Will try to get the bed lining aid for by dealer. I had Westin stainless nerfs on my Colorado for almost 4 years, they were strong and held up well. I think with the Silver I'd rather have black running boards this time. As much as I like the look of the drop bucket steps, with passengers- it probably best to have full side steps. One option that I'm kinda warming up to though is the wheel to wheel steps. Trying to see if they look awkward at all. MY first truck was a Frontier, and I could just reach over the side rail with no problem. With my Colorado- I noticed the difference in bed rail height and I could no longer just reach over. I thought the extra length on the side rail might be a good idea, but already bought the Westins. Chris
  2. I am close to buying an RST, and will be in this boat shortly. On my Colorado I had an Access Lorado(6 ft bed), and It worked out for me when I bought it. Having said that- I realized that most tonneau covers in general have rails along the inside of bed, that keeps you from being able to use a bike rack across top of rails. I know there are uber expensive ones that allow you to retract and have a bike rack within their rails, but 1500 doesn't excite me! Before I pull the trigger on another cover, I gotta research bike racks and covers a bit better. Chris
  3. I drove a Sierra Elevation a month ago. It had what I wanted, but couldn't pull the trigger yet ($$). Truck got sold and its harder to find one locally in Silver. I like the Elevation look over the Silverado RST. Anyway- local Mr Chevy got in a number of RST Doubles, with Convenience I and II, as well as Buckets/console, with Leather, and the 5.3 and Z71in Silver. MSRP is 51140. My trade is a 16 Colorado Z71 Ext Cab in Green with 54K miles on it, no Bose or Nav. The deal they gave me was this: 51140 MSRP -3500 Rebate -2845 Educator Discount -896 Local dealer discount 43899 Subtotal -23000 Trade 20,899 plus Tax/Title/Fees I am tempted to jump on it!!! I can't for the life of me believe they are really putting 23000 into my Colorado. I assume they are just making the trade price higher in instead of 19K and bigger discount. The Colorado needs front pads, and the tires are a bit choppy. I did put an Access Lorado tonneau and Westin Stainless nerfs on it as well. I look at it this way- I certainly wouldn't pay 23K for it if were looking for one!!! What say you all? Thx Chris
  4. When looking on lots, you need to verify that it has the Convenience II Package. I believe this adds the opening back window, the 120V outlet on right most port in center dash, Bose and Sirius XM among maybe some other things. The actual head unit radios are different between Non-Convenience II and Convenience II. I've been looking on lots now to buy. With a GMC, for example the Elevation model- I think you need to get the Preferred Package to get the same stuff. Chris
  5. I have the Eibach Pro Truck kit on my Colorado now, its been on for 16K miles. While I can't remember what setting the spring perches are on, the truck was a slightly nose high. It rode great when completed. Early this year I noticed a huge difference in how it rode, as its now very firm and rock hard. It does not feel planted on rougher roads and I get some head toss driving. It feels like I'm riding on concrete wheels. I've had Bilsteins before on a Nissan Frontier and an Xterra(the 5100's), but at the stock perch height. They were fantastic. Reading here, I see that Bilsteins are now available. I assume that to change out the front shocks, the upper control arm must separate from knuckle, and spring/shock must be taken apart like a strut correct? Thx Chris
  6. The flutter I was getting on ripples was definitely front end. It felt like tire was slapping back at the road. On some expansion joints- I could see the rear shocks being an issue as it had a tendency to side step a bit in the rear. The rest of vibes were through steering wheel, but did not change as speed went up.
  7. I am 5'7" and 30 inch legs. My wife has a newer Pilot, and I've got all I need in that.You do ring up a good point on the armrest...I hate the little thing and would rather have the console. Believe it or not- I've never had my Colorado off road...I guess I just like the looks as long as the tires aren't crazy. The Rebel had the Duratracs, the Elevation has the mild Goodyear TrailRunner AT's, and the Pro-4X has General Grabbers. Actually the Tundra's aren't that expensive as I can get the TRD SR5 for sticker of 44, where the Elevation stickered at 53. Once a deal is done though- I suspect there wouldn't be too much difference in price as the GMC would carry a bigger discount. I know the gas mileage in the Tundra is horrible, but its a truck. I had a Frontier for 10 yrs that I bought new, and traded that for the Colorado. After the honeymoon wore off with the Colorado- I missed my Frontier a lot, as it rode better, was more comfortable. You can get newer used ones cheap, but at this point knowing the 2020's are same with new motor and tranny, and the early 2022's will be new body/interior, I don't want to go back to whats available now. Thx Chris
  8. Hi All- I've lurked for a while, just decided to join. Out looking at trucks now. I've had a 16 Colorado Ext Cab Z71 for past 3 1/2 years, and we've never really gotten along well! I bought it in Dec 2016 used, previous owner bought it end of August 2015 and traded it by May 2016 after putting 20K on it. I was having some issue with my Frontier after 10 yrs, and saw a way out of it. This i my first Ext Cab, and I had it when I go anywhere and need to access back suicide door. My front suspension was toast at 35K, and I put on the Eibach Pro Truck kit at 38K, it made a tremendous difference, but it seems to be riding harder and harder. It is just time to part ways. I want to drive a Ridgeline, a Titan Pro-4X, possibly a Ram Rebel, a Sierra Elevation. I've always been a Nissan fan, and the 2020 Titan is a nice improvement over the 17 through 19. I loved the look of the Elevation model much more than the Chevy RST, and finally drove an Elevation this afternoon. It had a sticker of close to 53K as it had the 5.3, Convenience, another preferred package, and the X31 package. I was the dual cab in Black. It really looked sweet. I was comfortable inside behind the wheel. The power of the 5.3 was great, and it was extremely quiet. I wanted to love the ride, but just couldn't though. It always felt like it was shaking, mostly in the wheel, but I did get some head toss as well. On ripples in the road, it felt like the tire was slapping back at the road uncontrollably(but damped). Is this what folks refer to as the Chevy shake? The vibrations I felt as early as 35 to 40 mph. I think the entire package really looked sinister- and I'd love to have the truck. The vibes just scare me. Thx- Chris
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