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  1. I talked to my nephew who is a body guy about that but I just wanna get rid of that red thin line that’s all I want to get rid of. That’s why I was hoping someone made one with like a thin blue line or something but it’s so tiny it would take a a custom painter to paint it because I took it to my body wrap guy and he said it’s so small there’s no way he could wrap it
  2. The Z 71 on the 2020 front grill is really really tiny. And I have not seen them anywhere but the originals if you have a link to anything different I would sure take it
  3. Anybody know where you can get the grill Z71 emblem in blue instead of red? Everybody’s doing red so I’m switching up to blue. But I can’t find the grill emblem in blue I’ve been able to find everything else in blue or in black if that’s my other choice but I cannot find the grill emblem in blue. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. Can you do the original size but have the red color blue? I’m converting all my red to blue to be different plus I love Michigan football.
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