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  1. The white stuff is lube, they were just mounted
  2. Just saw this message, I called them and they recommended a specific hubcentric rings. It was like $20 for all four. I don’t remember exactly which so you can call them and ask. Looks great.
  3. So I finally did my install. I’ve been sitting on the equipment for 1.5 years. Focal es165kx2 components up front passive currently, the same es165 mids in the rear without tweeters for fill, 2 jl 13tw5 subs down firing, Nav tv, and jl had 600.4 and had 750.1 my Nav... tv seems to work except that I get static out of the rear channels. I am currently running y rcas off the front channel to get a signal for all four channels. Sounds pretty good but there is room for improvement. Will cal Nav tv tomorrow to see if they have suggestions. I have a dsp and will likely go active in the future once I get the bugs worked out of this set up.
  4. For those that are using navtv, are you using rca out of the navtv or tos link? Supposedly the tosslink is causing problems and they recommend rca
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