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  1. Update: I got the lock back onto the fuel pump, and drove it around for a while. Loud whine is gone, but quiet whine is still there. I managed to get a video of it. Had to upload to google drive, video is too large to post directly here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Au-DQWA0oHPiCF9eRamYRHL3JlqNfmX8/view?usp=sharing
  2. Hey yall, I have a 2000 GMC sierra, Recently its had a quiet high pitched whine on start, and gets louder after 10 or so minutes of driving. Whine will still be there when its put into park. I thought it might have been the fuel pump, so I changed that a few hours ago and the quiet high pitched whine is still there. I havent been able to drive it to figure out if the loud whine is still there as I wasnt able to get the lock back onto the fuel pump to drive it, its being stubborn and wont twist all the way on, only halfway. I read that it could possibly be a vacuum hose, and to take of the fuel
  3. They said the rim would. Water would get in there and sit, and rust the rim.
  4. Sweet. Another question, I called a shop and they told me they dont run rings, especially when mudding because water gets behind the rings and rusts. That true?
  5. will it matter if they are metal/plastic with how large the rings will be?
  6. Hello everyone, i hope im posting in the right area. I own a 2000 GMC Sierra 1500, and im wanting to upgrade to some aftermarket wheels. I found a liking to the Fuel Mavericks, but the ones that fit my vehicle to a t have to much offset on the spokes for my liking. I have found another pair that i like, but the bore is alot higher then stock (its like +30) and i was wondering if it would be dangerous to run them? Stock rim bore: 78.1 Rim i want's bore: 106.1
  7. i guess i forgot to respond. It was found out it was a dead cell, and a new battery fixed it.
  8. Hello everyone, i hope im posting in the right area. About a month ago i bought a 2000 GMC sierra Ext cab, SLE 5.3 with 4x4. A few days ago, i went to go get fuel at the gas station less then a mile from my house. Started the truck no problem, got there, shut the truck off, fueled it, and tried to turn it back on. It struggled to turn on, lights dimming, etc. Then the starter started clicking, like a dead battery. Got a friend to come jump me and as soon as the jumper cables attached, tried to start it and it started right up, no need to wait for the battery to charge. got back home and turned
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