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  1. Just towed 500 miles each way, towed 5000 lbs and my truck guzzled DEF. I would bring some for sure.
  2. Nice! Well thanks for the feedback. Been checking out your set up. Looks nice! I have Icons on order, with some Method 18x 9 and Nitto RG in 295/70/18. Hopefully in next 6 weeks
  3. Yeah, but more like 60-70 cause it was so windy!!
  4. YeH, but was down. A bit of a sag. Truck was all over the road in the wind.
  5. Haha! Thanks for correction. Yes, 2k miles. I was in trailer tow mode. I’ll try it next time without
  6. So I have 2000k miles on my Duramax and have been loving the engine. I drove it home initially from Oregon to Idaho highway mileage averaged close to 30mpgs and was ecstatic. Just took a trip to Oregon coast and towed fairly light travel trailer (5000lbs) about 500 miles, mostly highway. I averaged about 10.5mpgs. Kept reseting the miles cause I thought this was incorrect. It was windy, and I wasn’t super heavy on throttle. Way home, wind was light, driving conditions perfect and still averaged 11mpgs. I was expecting much better mileage. Any suggestions on why my mileage was so poor??
  7. Where did u get the powder coated ones from or did u do it yourself?
  8. Did u throw a lift/ level kit on this. Or is this factory??
  9. Awesome! Thanks for info. Do u think a 295/70/18 would fit? Little wider, not so tall?
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