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  1. Shot of the UCA ball joint angle. All seems good. Have just enough gap between the UCA and the tire to slide a finger through. Just need to get it on the alignment rack. I had it aligned when it was on the setting 1 below the top, everything was still in except for the toe at that setting
  2. It’s pretty close. Stock tires were 32.9” and the G2 are 34.3”, so about 5/8” of the lift is from the tires. I would say a solid 2.25” came from the 2.50” setting on the Bilsteins. No side shots currently, but I will try and get one tomorrow.
  3. Here is the fender measurements, Bilsteins at max setting, 1.00 ebay rear blocks, and 285/55r22 Terra Grappler G2s. Driver front - 39.00 Driver rear - 40.50 Pass front - 38.875 Pass rear - 40.50 Stock Driver front - 36.25 Driver rear - 38.625 Pass front - 36.125 Pass rear - 38.625 Definitely a little more rake than I wanted. I may mill 25% off the height of the blocks to bring it down just a tad in the rear.
  4. Thanks! I really wanted an AT4, but this was on the lot for the right price, right options, and had the 22s on it.
  5. I got a set off of ebay, came with u bolts. Got them installed last night. Should have an updated pic and fender measurements this evening.
  6. Ride is good, stiffer, but rides great IMO. Was definitely a tad smoother on the stock tires, but still good. I will get some measurements tonight on the fender heights.
  7. Here is mine. 5100s at max setting in the front, with 5100s and stock height in the rear. I plan to add a 1” block to the rear. 285/55r22 Nitto Terra G2s. Slight rubbing at full lock on the liners. Need to do some slight trimming.
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