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  1. I read a lot on here before buying wheels and tires but never found exactly what I needed, so I thought I'd post my results for someone in the future. I didn't want 20x10s because they stick out so far and because the tires always seem to rub. I did wanted to get out from under the wheel well a LITTLE, but was limited in wheels that I liked and available offset. Decided to go 20x9 +1mm offset. For tires I wanted wider, and a little taller, but wasn't obsessed with max height. I don't like when tires are stuffed inside, and I HATE when tires rub. Why spend $50k and then have tires grinding into plastic or worse yet, cut your truck up to clear tires? Ended up going 295/55-20 BFG ATs. I could have possibly run 295/60s, but was not willing to risk rubbing and no returns once mounted. I've seen others run 295/60, but not on a +1 offset. Now that I have these in there, going 295/60 with this offset would have likely rubbed. 285/60 was also an option, but quite a bit more expensive and like I said, I cared more about width than height. End results are great. No rub and has about 1/2" clearance at full lock leaving room for articulation off road with no run. The +1 offset left plenty of room for the upper control arm. Tires are about 1/2" outside fenders. Mileage took a hit with these heavy ass tires, but I'm pretty happy with the look. For reference, this is a stock 2019 AT4 with a rough country front level kit.
  2. Has anyone run 295/60-20 tires on a 20x9 wheel with near zero offset and a leveling kit? Ive seen other AT4s running this tire on a stock wheel with 26 offset, but not sure if the ~1" shift in wheel position would cause rubbing. I'm also concerned with the difference between no rubbing on the pavement and no rubbing while light off-roading. I could go with the 285/60-20 and be fairly comfortable, but I wanted the 295. If i go 295/55-20, im not gaining much in diameter and it sort of seems like im not using my money wisely. Why cant there be a 295/57.5-20?
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