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  1. I wanted carbon but they couldn't match it and I went to three different companies. Good luck, hope it all works out
  2. Here ya go... White is a shade off depending on the light but I dig it. So much better than just a black top like everyone else has. I got the matte black Lomax which is cheaper knowing I was going to wrap it. Spent $275 on the wrap.
  3. My LOMAX looked nothing like that! That damage is ridiculous and I too would have had it back to them same day. I still have had no issues at all with the LOMAX and even had it wrapped to match my truck with a large AT4 wrapped on the LOMAX cover as well. Something about plain black just gets at me.
  4. Fit is absolutely perfect, even over the tailgate. The aluminum panels are sick sturdy and probably the strongest top I have ever had and I usually trade up trucks every three years and had a different top on each. If this top holds up over time it will be my "go to" brand from here on. I will get some photos up today and you can judge for yourself. Like I said, I chose the matte black one but you may want one of the other colors, I have even seen a few that had their tops vinyl wrapped to match their truck.
  5. Just bought my Carbon Pro AT4 and read all through this thread to find a hard tri-fold. After it all I ended up with LOMAX. https://www.agricover.com/hard-tonneau-covers/ USA made for the Carbon Pro, both tailgate versions for some reason, free shipping and I had it installed in about 30 mins. I got the matte black one and it actually matched the bed rails pretty nicely. Couple of vids online for the Carbon Pro install as well. Just stupid simple but the top is heavy, thinking I remember seeing 78lbs on the shipping box. Hope this helps! I can throw some pics up if you all want of mine.
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