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  1. Hi, I'm working with my new LED-bar which have a possibility to stay on during daytime with only positioning light. For this I was trying to get a 12V signal out of the K9 Body Control Module (BCM). But, my measure instruments only shows 4 volt when Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) is switched on. Can this be correct? Anyone who have tested this before? See enclosed picture of wiring diagram with yellow-marked the wire I measure on. I might find a 4 volt relay somewhere on internet ( ? ), but want first to try find a solution with 12V relay. Anyone maybe have other suggestions to g
  2. Hi, OnTheReel, sorry, but the back wall is empty.....
  3. Hi, anyone know where the 110V DC/AC inverter is located on the Silverado 2020 mod, 1500 LTZ? I have imported this car to Norway and plan to make adjustment so I can get 220V outlet...
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