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  1. Anyone still have their red ones that they’re willing to part with?
  2. Gotcha - appreciate the heads up. I ran 275/65R20 on my Ford and those were 10 ply - definitely a harsher ride but I liked how the sidewall didn't compress. Nonetheless just talked with a local shop and bought the 285/70R18's. If I remember, I'll post some pic's after I get everything installed.
  3. If you're interested, I will be selling these brand new Tires, wheels and sensors here shortly. Swapping everything out Monday.
  4. Hi All - New to the forum, coming from a '17 Ford F-150 that was leveled and running 34" tires on stock wheels. I have a '20 1500 RST with the 3.0 Duramax. Looking to level the truck and add new wheel/tires immediately. Currently have 265/65/R18 with +26 back spacing. Going with GM AT4 stock wheels with +24 backspacing with 285/70R18's. Anyone running something similar that can offer some insight prior to pulling the trigger on the wheels/tires? Attached I have compared the two setups and I think I will be in the clear. Just considering the obvious questions: caliper clearance, Control arm Clearance, Tire/wheel fender. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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