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  1. https://imgur.com/a/dmrZt0n $1,500.00 for the pair and I'll pay for shipping
  2. The part numbers don't make any sense to me. It's an assembly so all the different pieces have different part numbers. Every identifiable part number I can find on the mirrors is either for a small part (dust boot, for example) or returns nothing online. Visibly there is no difference from what I can tell but I don't have a set of GMC tow mirrors to lay side by side with these and measure. All I know is the bracket from my regular mirror doesn't stick out as far as the bracket on the Chevy tow mirrors does. Otherwise the dimensions are the same - it fits and all 4 bolts tighten down it just has a gap on the outside. I may try it again and take pictures this weekend. Was hoping to find someone who had made the swap or made the same mistake as me that might be able to shed a little light.
  3. I can't vouch for if/how that's possible but yea these are most likely getting resold.
  4. Eventually, once I find some to replace mine. But I didn't install these with the gap on the bottom.
  5. So I'm a big dummy and bought a set of tech package (cameras, lane change, etc) tow mirrors on eBay for my '20 AT4 half ton. Except they came off of a '20 High Country - a Chevrolet, and I didn't do my research before purchasing them. I didn't notice until I went to install them and after the drivers side was on I realized there was a not insignificant gap on the bottom side where the bodyline and the plastic of the mirror don't line up. The good news is the camera and lights worked so I know the mirrors are good. So I'm deciding what to do - try and find another pair from a GMC to purchase or try and rig these up to work somehow. It appears that the door design of the Chevy may be thicker because it has a longer/deeper bracket that goes through the door - hence why it didn't pair up correctly on the outside. Maybe that mount portion can be swapped out, I need to investigate. Just posting on the off chance anyone has made the same bonehead mistake I did or knows anything about the difference between GMC and Chevy mirrors. It may be more hassle than it's worth and I'll put them back on eBay.
  6. 8mpg I tow up to my ~4000lb bass boat, ~5000lb pontoon boat, and occasionally a ~9000lb travel trailer and they all do fine. They're all over 30' in total length. WDH hitch is a must for the TT and probably for your application too.
  7. Nice write-up. I went through a similar amount of research before deciding on tires. Not to hijack your thread but since "stock AT4 tire size" threads always get a lot of attention (and come up in google results) I figured I'd throw in that I kept stock wheels on my AT4 and fit 295/60R20 Cooper STT Pro's Their actual dimensions are: 34.3" x 11.50" They fit with no rub except a hard turn into an incline - they can barely clip the wheel well liner. It could be pulled out of the way but it happens so rarely I don't fool with it. The only disclaimer is that I do have a 1" level on the front but the tires fit before that as well. 11.50" actual measured width is close to the max you can go on stock wheels on these trucks for sure. I can pass a finger tip between the UCA and tire but barely!
  8. Pretty rookie question, but all my stereo experience has been in older vehicles - on my 2020 AT4 w/Bose is there an adapter to connect the speaker outputs of an aftermarket amp to the existing speaker wire that runs to the doors or are people having to run new wire to the speaker locations?
  9. I barely notice the 1" level from the drivers seat. I think I notice the height of the tires far more. I did a 2.5" on my '17 SLT I had and certainly did notice the front end height difference on that. Then again, I'm tall. My head hits the ceiling if I raise the seat too far so its different for everyone. If you're in the snow def don't get these tires. We don't get any where I live but the reviews on them for snow are bad. But I think most M/T style tires are that way. Fwiw the original tire I wanted was Cooper AT3 XLT's - not nearly so aggressive as these but I do love this look. For sizing I did a lot, and I mean a LOT of reading and looking at pics of other trucks. Realized height wasn't the issue so much as width with stock wheels. I would have gone with 35x11.50 if there was more styles available in them but most are 12.50's which will rub. Wheel spacers were an absolute "no" on my list of mods and I dont like really wide tires or a bunch of poke anyway so these are perfect for my taste. I'm really particular on the look of tires so I would find one I liked and see if it was available in a 285/65R20 and then swapped to 295/60R20 when I kept running into backorder issues. I wasn't concerned with the price but more popular sizes cost less as well, but I'm not sure where those 2 fall on that list. I highly recommend tiresize.com to get the exact size of the tire you have in mind, they can vary pretty wildly on actual size even though they're listed the same.
  10. I've never used those tires but I hear people like them. For sizes, I just put 295/60R20 Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tires on my AT4 and they fit with "no" rubbing. I say "no" because I did manage to get them to very, very slightly hit the mud flap bracket on a hard right turn into a steep uphill parking lot, so a mud flap removal may be necessary depending on where you drive. I originally wanted to do 285/65R20 but wasn't able to get the tire I wanted in that size, and I briefly considered the 295/65R20 which are just a hair over 35" tall but decided it wasn't worth the hassle if they rubbed. I do have a 1" level on the front but the tires would have fit without it, it's only there to maintain pretty close to factory rake with the RAS springs picking the back up a little bit.
  11. I brought it in Saturday morning, currently in a loaner. The 2.7L turbo 4cyl has been interesting to drive at least. I am thoroughly convinced they covered this up but I can't prove it. They did admit to the rear window being broken but have "no idea" how any water would have gotten in. Right. And the usual thing to do when you sell a truck is put a dozen air fresheners in it I guess. I'm still ticked about it but they didn't buck me at all on getting it torn apart and the carpet replaced. I really was afraid that's what would happen, but I pulled in and they immediately took me to a loaner Elevation to drive until its taken care of and agreed when I said I wanted new carpet not that one to be cleaned. The odd thing to me is that's all they were concerned with - get me in a loaner and get me going back home 1.5hrs away. It wasn't until I finally said uh you want to look at my truck and see the issue that the salesman finally said oh yea I guess we should do that. Just tells me again that they knew what was going on already. Otherwise the sensible thing to do would be to check and make sure I didn't leave the sunroof open and let water pour in and then claim it came that way. Talked to my brother who has been a mechanic at a GM dealership for about 15 years and he said if they replace the carpet it should be fine - nothing really to be concerned about as far as electrical issues based on what I described to him. So as long as they get it back to me no longer smelling like musty gym socks inside it'll be alright. Thanks for yalls advice.
  12. Hi everyone, I've been lurking here for ages and finally have something I feel like I could use some input on. 2 weeks ago I bought a 2020 AT4 with 2000 miles on it. It was a demo. I gave it a cursory glance, liked the price, and went for it. 2k miles what could go wrong, I thought. Plus i was in a hurry to get a truck and had been hunting for one in my area for awhile and was down to the wire. Got it and 2 days later took off on a vacation in it. Drove it 2000 miles in the 2 weeks I've had it so far. I have made an alarming discovery though - the rear carpet under the rubber mat is soaking wet. When I picked it up it had some awful smelling air fresheners in it. 2-3 dropped into each door pocket. I found them and took them out and after a day or so it had the usual mostly new car smell. When I opened the rear seat compartments I noticed broken glass in them. Obviously the rear window had been shattered at some point and replaced. I was disappointed they did such a poor job cleaning the glass out but just let it slide. I found that the day after I got it and the day before I went on vacation. Fast forward to about 3 days ago I and when I got in it I noticed it had a musty, mildew-like smell in it. I didn't think much of it. Another day passed - still smelled. Get home from work today and decide to get to the bottom of this. I've heard about rear window leaks so I'm investigating all the nooks and crannies, sticking my nose into corners like a madman but don't find anything wrong. On a hunch I pull up the rear rubber mat and low and behold it's covered in condensation. The carpet is wet to the touch and the mildew smell hits me like a truck. Found the problem. Here's the kicker - this truck came from Lake Charles, LA. If you haven't been watching the weather in Lake Charles they've had 2 hurricanes pass through recently. The broken glass tells me that it got storm damage, the wet carpet tells me it got rained in, the smell tells me they half-assed the repair instead of replacing the carpet, and all the air fresheners tells me they knew and covered it up. I am beyond pissed for obvious reasons. I'm heading there in the morning because they can't smell it or feel the carpet and the wet rubber mat in pictures. Bare minimum I'm going to be looking for the carpet to be replaced but now I need to inspect the whole thing for any other possibly water damaged areas. My question is - it did sit in a parking lot at a hotel in several days of heavy rain while I was on vacation. I can't identify a rear window leak but if it was does it get bad enough that it would wet the rear carpet? I'm thinking it isn't the window because the carpet under the seat isn't wet only under the rubber mat, it seems to me that moisture was covered up and trapped there. If this thing was storm damaged and they didn't disclose it what recourse do I have? I'm obviously less than thrilled to have a 60k truck that smells like mold. Should I see what the dealership offers to do first or contact GM directly? Do dealerships have any obligation to disclose damage done to demo vehicles? On paper it's sold as brand new but it is not in brand new condition by a long shot. Sorry for being so wordy. Any advice appreciated.
  13. I just found this item this morning, although on the Superchips website. Doesn't look like it adds any HP, just convenience features really. I may pull the trigger on one and try it. Buying a pedal commander for throttle response & a speedo corrector would cost more than this and this does more stuff so I don't find the price too out of line.
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