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  1. Glad to get some good conversation going on this topic. Lot of good examples out there worth sharing. Any photos of front or rear stance? I do wish I had a slightly wider tire for a slightly wider stance. Curious if the additional .5” makes much of a visual difference.
  2. Thanks! It primarily came down to not wanting to have rub issues. The peace of mind outweighed gaining an additional .5” width and height. I have an incline turning in and out of my driveway that at full lock I feel had a good chance to rub. There appears to be a lot of folks running 285’s, it likely comes down to the specific tire. Based on the tread design of KO’s I’d expect 285’s would have cleared with zero or very minimal rubbing.
  3. Wanted to post my research and share my decision on selecting larger tires on a Factory '21 AT4, 20" Wheels. There are a lot of threads on this topic, all with great content, but there are some conflicting posts on size choice/rubbing/mpg impact that can make the decision difficult. As others have noted not all tires measure the same height/width/weight, so a one-size fits all approach likely cannot be taken. **In case you don't want to read through all the details below, I went with BFG KO2 in a 275/65R20. No rubbing, plenty of UCA clearance, ~1MPG loss, speedometer is off between .5 to 1MPG depending on speed. ~1MPG loss does not reflect accounting for speedo variances. I will need to update this post with a manual calculation. I do think you could fit a slightly larger tire, depending on manufacturer choice (see below variations of sizing). Tire Size: Based on reading through other posts I narrowed my tire size to three options: 1. 275/65R20 2. 285/65R20 3. 295/60R20 I personally didn't want rubbing issues after tire install. Minor trimming (IE: mud flap trimming) wouldn't be a big deal, but having owned a truck that had rubbing issues, it gets old quick and I wanted to avoid modifications if possible. Pros/Cons of each tire size I contemplated: 275/65 - great tire size as you get 34" in height, but can appear to have a narrow stance depending on tire choice. Stock tire (Bridgestone Dueler A/T 275/60/20), width would remain the same as stock. Originally ranked 2nd of the 3 options. 285/65 - best of both worlds, gains in height and width. Ranked 1st of 3 options. Big concern around rubbing issues, especially at full lock on an incline. Likely could avoid by adding a levelling kit. Conflicting results on CV angles and longer-term impact of adding a level kit. 295/60 - prefer the stance of a 295, but didn't have a high level of confidence there would be clearance from the UCA. Rubbing concerns similar to 285/65. Tire Brand: 1. Falken Wildpeak AT3W 275/65 - 34.1" X 10.6", 66.1lbs 285/65 - 34.6" X 11.2", 67.7lbs 295/60 - 33.9" X 11.6", 69.4lbs 2. Toyo AT3 275/65 - 34.1" X 11", 54lbs 285/65 - Not Offered 295/60 - 33.9" X 11.8", 60lbs 3. BFG KO2 275/65 - 34" X 11", 57.3lbs 285/65 - 34.5" X 11.5", 60.3lbs 295/60 - 33.9" X 11.8", 68lbs **4. After decision came across Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T (some great reviews coming out on this tire). Pros/Cons of each tire size I contemplated: Falken - awesome tire with some fantastic reviews. Major consideration was the weight. Example: 275/65/20 weighs 66.1lbs Toyo AT3 = 54lbs BFG KO2 = 57.3lbs Toyo AT3 - I've had several sets of Toyo AT2's. Really like the upgrades made to the AT3, but wanted a slightly more aggressive sideway. I also found it very difficult to find inventory at the moment. BFG KO2 - tried and true, some question around if newer technology is surpassing. Obviously not enough of a concern as this was the tire of choice.
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