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  1. I wish I had HID headlamps. I had them in my Jeep Cherokee and really liked them. They really threw out a lot of light. The only bad thing was the quality of the headlamp lens cover. The way the lamps were designed forced a lot of debris onto the cover and it eventually reduced the light output. On my Canyon, I put some paint protection film over the lenses to help protect the lenses from debris.
  2. Do spacers help when you have multi-port fuel injection like on the 3.6L?
  3. I know this forum is supposed to be for the Silverado/Sierra but, the Canyon/Colorado are important as well. After all, All trucks matter! So, is there any speculation on what the next gen Canyon/Colorado could bring? Will the Next Gen Canyon actually bring a Denali worthy of the badge? How about headlights that actually throw out adequate light? HID LED Anything else?
  4. I was thinking of soft fender flares for my 2021 Canyon Denali. Like these ones from EZ Flares: EZ Flare Soft Fender Flares They are less expensive then hard ones like Bushwhacker and others. Since the 2021 is so new, most manufacturers haven't had a chance to fit anything on the 2021 Canyon. But, there isn't any body changes from 2020 to 2021 so most, if not all items that fit the 2020 Canyon will fit the 2021. It is just not "Certified" to fit yet.
  5. What more can you tell us about the Colorado? What trim level? What engine? Personally, I don't care about the mileage, 100K in 2 years tells me it is probably all, if not mostly, highway which is what engines like. Take a look at the tail pipe, does it look black and does it have a coating that you can rub off with your thumb? That is usually an indication that the exhaust system, and the engine doesn't heat up enough to burn off the excess moisture. Is the engine bay clean? How about the oil on the dipstick? Take a plastic baggie and put your hand in it and rub it over the paint finish. Does it feel rough and bumpy compared to just your hand? That tells you that the finish has not been cared for all that well. It needs a full detail job, polish and sealant applied. When you test drove it, was there a lot of glare on the windshield? If so, have them replace the windshield. It will drive you nuts until you get it done on your dime. Also, if you are trading in a vehicle, take a look at new ones. They are willing to trade as a lot of people are NOT buying new cars. I got a pretty good deal on my 2021 Canyon Denali trading in my 2018 Jeep Cherokee Limited.
  6. Adjusting the headlights is key, regardless of what headlights you use. On the Denali, the drivers side is easy to change. There is a cover over each of the bulbs that you turn a quarter or so and then pop off. You can then untwist the bulbs and remove them. The passenger side, at least on the Denali, is a bit more time consuming. You will need to remove some body molding and gasketing to get at the bulbs. One you do, it is the same as on the drivers side. As for bulbs, if you want to stay with traditional bulbs, go with Silverstar Ultras or Crystal Vision. They are halogen's but a much better grade. And put out a much brighter light and more of it. You can go with LED's but make sure that they are designed for use with your type of vehicle. You also need to account for the type headlamp housing you have. some do a better job with LED's than others.
  7. Personally, I am not a fan of CAI's, but I am a big fan of getting the air flow in better. I like dry air filters better than the wet ones. I will take a look at the one you mentioned. The bulbs are amazing. Sharp cut-off lines and no one has blinked at me yet. I did run with one side LED and one side Halogen for a few days and it we such a dichotomy the difference between the two. I went with a Gator EFX hardtop Tri-Fold tonneau Cover. I didn't realize that it only opened up 2/3rds of the way. I think I will trade up to a different version of the Gator line though. I was going to with WeatherTech floor lines, but I think I am going to go with Husky XAct/Weatherbeater floorliners. I did get the WeatherTech mudflaps though. Still trying to figure out what to do with the paint finish though. Do I just go with an OTC ceramic top coat like Meguiars or Mothers? or even Turtle Wax's ceramic line or do I go full bore and go with Adams Graphene? Not sure what will work with whatever treatment the dealership put on. Still loving the truck though, more and more we drive it. The only problem is that I can't drive it by myself other than around town. I have a brain injury that causes me to get lost when I drive outside of my comfort zone. Even with the Nav System. But, I can drive with my wife in the car and I do. Sometimes I just reach a point where I can't drive anymore and she takes over.
  8. Wow, not sure what to make of this. I traded a 2018 Jeep Cherokee (Not the Grand Cherokee) for my 2021 GMC Canyon Denali Crew Cab. The reason we got rid of the Cherokee is two fold, 1) it sat lower than we wanted and 2) the passenger side lacked a bit of room in the leg area. I am 6'1" tall and weigh 300# Sadly, my legs are not in tune with my torso otherwise I would be closer to 6'5". The room in the Canyon is perfectly fine for me in either of the front seats. As for the rear seat, well, I don't care but, it is okay. Our other car is a 2011 F-150 SuperCab. From my point of view I feel the room in both trucks is perfectly fine. Very comfortable. And no sense of being claustrophobic. Living in the mountains of Colorado, every trip is a drive. While there is a small grocery store in our little town, the bigger grocery store is an hour away, one way. And, no, I am not Latino. And I am obviously not of a smaller stature.
  9. Very nice looking vehicles. I have been haunting Autogeek.net trying to figure out what I should do. Thanks for the input.
  10. Howdy all, My stepson got a new Jeep Gladiator and my wife got a chance to ride in it and drive it. She really liked it and made a comment that she really liked sitting higher than in her 2018 Jeep Cherokee Limited. Well, that put a bug in my ear and got me thinking about new cars and, well, we are now the proud owners of a 2021 GMC Canyon Denali that had 14 miles on it when we first drove it. So far, I have put on Weather Tech Mud Flaps, LampGard (a protection film to help guard the headlights from yellowing and from getting dinged by gravel/rocks and such), and I will be getting the floor mats from the dealer soon as well. I also put on a Gator EFX tonneau cover. One thing I noticed right away is that the bulbs in the headlights suck so I put in some LED bulbs I got from Amazon. So far, no errors or any issues and they are really throwing out some good bright white light and at a great distance with good cut-off. The Denial, as we are calling the Canyon, came with an Appearance Protection Package allegedly already applied. From what I could ascertain, it is a Perma-Plate type of product. I never got a full answer from the AutoNation Dealer I bought it from. What are some other things I should be doing to help improve the Canyon? I want to make the truck last a long time and keep it looking good for as long as we have it. I plan on using full synthetic for my oil changes. What are people recommending for the oil filter? Air Filter? Cabin Filter? How about ceramic coating for the paint? Thanks in advance for anything you care to share with me. Ktwon
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