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  1. Old thread but thought it was fitting here. Rough country released a tow hook to d ring option for around $70 (doesn’t include tow hooks). They sell them on Amazon as well. Glad you guys were here to help me feel less crazy about my 16’ not having the 3 bolts from the video
  2. This just started happening to me 4 days ago with my 2016 5.3. My truck wouldn’t even try to crank after sitting for 8 hours after driving it for an hour the night before. Didn’t leave any electronics on or anything. Then after driving it, I went back out to my truck after about 2 hours of not driving and it took two key cycles for it to try to crank. My dads 2015 5.3 had the same issue about a year ago. I’m curious if cold weather increases the chance for this because it’s around 20 degrees F overnight here.
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