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  1. Never did get anywhere with this. Have been trying to get a hold of PabloK with a wheel question, but can't PM and he hasn't been on in a while. Any ideas? Thx hollow
  2. Copy that, will keep trying some other avenues. Thank you!
  3. Ever find an answer to sending PM's? Having the same issue. Thanks! Hollow
  4. Evening all, new 2020 GMC Sierra Elevation owner. Trying to learn some tips and tricks here on the forum. Live in central Indiana, traded in an Infinity Q70 as I was ready to get back to a truck for my daily. How do you get the capability of sending PMs? Wanted to send a few guys a message on some topics I found that are pretty old. Hope y'all are doing well and 2021 has started off well! Thanks Hollow
  5. Pablo, if you don't mind can you please email me at [email protected], I have a few wheel questions for you and my PMs don't work. Thank you! Cole
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