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  1. Going to just have to get Hp tuners then. Is it 4 credits for the 2018s still? Thanks for the help
  2. I recently installed a l86 intake manifold and throttle body onto my l83. Everything I’ve seen recommends a tune after. I don’t have hp tuners to change the parameters I need but the truck runs fine currently without any adjustments made. Would something like a bully dog tuner do me any good at this point? I know they’re just generic downloaded pre set tunes. Would the different TB and Intake not work well with there preset tunes? If anybody has any experience in it or advice that would be great. (Not a lot of tuner shops in the middle of corn field Iowa)
  3. Thinking about doing the L86 intake swap on my 2018 L83. My question: is the tune an absolute MUST? what are the consequences of no tune? CEL?
  4. I just noticed this while cleaning the dash. It looks like some LED strip of some sort in there. Went through settings and didn’t notice anything about a light for forward collision or anything. Definitely too small to be HUD.
  5. Thanks for linking my video again grumpy bear! So first off to the original post. I did a thermal to active bypass. The pill flip IS for the most part free but using the STL010 to replace the original thermostat give you a piece of mind that you still have that protection of a blockage or freezup (up north) and the active bypass will shut off and return to the factory setup. When you do the pill flip you just assume everything will be peachy forever. For me personally $42 and free shipping was cheap insurance. I am a GM tech since 2007 and if you’ve seen the internals of these things a nice shiny blue like I have you would dish out the $42 as fast as you could. I’ve dropped personally on my truck today( 94 degrees ) about 40 degrees. I drove today (not pulling) about 5 hours with about 2-3 hours of bumper to bumper and the hottest temp I saw my transmission run was about 137 degrees. I don’t make a penny with this video or selling this product. Just a GM tech who cringes at the sight of the flat bed rolling up with one of these things on the back just glaring at me.
  6. I feel a d*** measuring contest coming. So on that note, I’m not rich by any means but $42 is not financially crippling to me. The video is to help people, who have asked, do the install of the STL010 correctly. It helps prevent damage to the transmission if freeze up or blockage occurs that a pellet flip does not. Cheap insurance. SKOL
  7. I live in Iowa. It gets -55 degrees here. Not an option, the STL010 works off viscosity and will go back into bypass mode if your cooler were to be restricted, blocked/frozen or simply the fluid isn’t thin enough yet.
  8. Hey guys, I did the thermal bypass conversion to active by pass on my 2018 8L90. Did a step by step video because I hadn’t seen anybody do an actual full replacement video nor had I seen one on a 8 speed. Trans runs about 45 degrees cooler now. Check it out and let me know what you think. It’s the exact same procedure on 6 speeds just mounts different on the transmission.
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