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  1. That is the video that I used to install the lights. I am going to use some small push button switches going to hide them.. I try to make all my mods where you can take them off and you can't tell they were there.
  2. Do you have a nighttime pic? give me a few days need to run the wires through fire wall my next day off is next Thursday
  3. Read instructions watched YouTube and yes you will need to pull the grill off it only takes about 2 hours
  4. Installed some rough country grill lights and a 8 inch and two 4 inch in the side air curtains Also plastic dip the front emblem.
  5. Do they make a y hariness for factory fog lights ?. I want to put more lights that turn on when I turn my fog lights on without cut into factory wires.
  6. Just installed the Rough Country Tow hooks had them powder coated cut some rubber to make it look factory
  7. Had the Crome Silerado emblems taken off and the black gloss put on.
  8. Good luck on getting the rough country lights its been. a month still no lights. They should put on there web site not in stock. I order mine on Feb 23
  9. The front ones were factory had to order the back they came from sca had to give my vin# to get the rear
  10. Just installed rear door puddle lights to match the front
  11. Just don't want to tap in factory wiring and screw something up
  12. Wanted to know if anyone has tapped into the factor fog light wires to run aftermarket lights. They are only 3 watt lights that I want to install
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