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  1. Thanks for the number but really need to know which line is which since I cut the factory rubber out and put in trans cooler line hose clamped in place. Would it be the same as my 12 1500 with the 5.3? On that one the top line running down side of block is bottom line on radiator.
  2. Ended up cutting crimps off and replacing rubber line with 400 psi trans cooler line. Where I screwed up was not paying attention to which line was supply and return. Anyone know if the top line off the block that mounts to engine is the top line going in radiator?
  3. Anyone know if this can be done without dropping front axle? Txab it does appear this is the right part, unsure why all this places say it doesn’t fit.
  4. Does the front axle have to be dropped to get it through on these or can you fish it through?
  5. Kinda what I was thinking, just weird how I can’t find one listed for this model. I know the part exists.
  6. When I punch in my vehicle info on Napa’s site it says doesn’t fit vehicle that’s what I was running into at parts store today. What am I missing here?
  7. Thanks for the numbers and idea. I have access to a hose crimper may give this a shot. Need to do trans cooler lines too.
  8. New here looking for knowledge. Have a 12 Chevy 2500 hd wt with a slight leak from the oil cooler lines. Had intended to just replace them when I did next oil change. Went to parts store to get them and do it today and the 3 parts stores I went to none had the lines or could even look them up. I know these were common problems at least on older ones. Anyone got any insight or a part number by chance?
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