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  1. I’ll keep you guys updated. Since my last post, truck is still in the dealer. They tried the new ECM. No go. They had to remove the cab and the timing cover because they said there may be an issue with the timing ring on the camshaft. Hopefully I’m just this unlucky and you fellas don’t need to get to this point. I’ve asked for another truck but currently there is a shortage of trucks here in Canada.
  2. Hey everyone with this similar issue. I have an update. So the dealer though it was a new ECM. They threw a new one at it. Problem persisted. They now believe it’s the ring on the camshaft. Out the engine comes to replace it... might be time for lemon law.
  3. Had this exact situation happen to me. Dealer told me it was part of the harness relating to Cam Shaft Position Sensor. Waited a week. Dealer Said they fixed it. This was at 280km. Just happened again 2 days after getting the truck back at 450km. Will keep people updated on what happens!
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