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  1. Hey just wanted to update people. I got the shim installed on the cam position sensor and just had the same reoccurring problem. Shim is not the fix.
  2. I’m getting a shim installed currently. Will update if there is any issues.
  3. Unfortunately just happened again this past Saturday. Haven’t had time to take it to the dealer yet though.
  4. Sorry for not updating fellas. So, after losing my mind on GM, we came some sort of agreement. I’m not 100% happy and that they fixed the problem, but I ended up keeping the truck because it’s everything I wanted and they gave me a BUNCH of stuff to keep the truck. A new sister to that truck would have taken forever dude to parts shortages. After the 3 time the issue happened, I took it to the dealer the next morning and the did a huge update to the ECU. Since then, no problems… for now. I’ll keep you guys posted if anything else happens.
  5. Yeah mine has been in 3 times. I posted a while back and been updating several times. Lost it on GM and the dealer and now I’m getting a new truck with from lemon law.
  6. Hey everyone. I have an update. Just went to leave work today and just had the issue happen again after trigger wheel fix. 3 strikes your out. Called my dealer and getting a new truck Wednesday. Hope they find a fix that doesn’t involve tearing the entire truck apart to not fix the problem.
  7. It’s probably not the sensor. They changed the sensor the first time for me and no fix. The sensor is accessible though on the back of the engine. Although, the space to access the sensor is real tight.
  8. For sure. I’ll try to attach them and not screw this up. The service manager sent me the ring picture. He said he took the picture and the engineers had to come. He said B was my truck and A was a picture from an engineer. Here’s the work order of the work. Sorry it’s not showing more. I’m just to lazy to mark out my info. They didn’t say what the job time would be. I’d imagine a week at least. Just for waiting on parts. Mine took 2 months because apparently I was the first or at least my dealer was the first to figure out the issue. The dealership said GMs bill for that fix is 11 grand.
  9. Hey guys I have an update! So dealership finally got everything dialed in. Apparently mine was the first one to find the fix. I have the pictures of the bent timing ring for the camshaft. It’s a pretty big job. Involves removing cab, changing timing gears and chain on top of the ring. I suggest anyone having this issue contact your dealer immediately. If the bent ring is bent enough, it can touch the timing chain causing damage to the chain. Truck runs beautifully for now! Will keep updated in maybe a months time to let you fellas know how it’s going.
  10. I’ll keep you guys updated. Since my last post, truck is still in the dealer. They tried the new ECM. No go. They had to remove the cab and the timing cover because they said there may be an issue with the timing ring on the camshaft. Hopefully I’m just this unlucky and you fellas don’t need to get to this point. I’ve asked for another truck but currently there is a shortage of trucks here in Canada.
  11. Hey everyone with this similar issue. I have an update. So the dealer though it was a new ECM. They threw a new one at it. Problem persisted. They now believe it’s the ring on the camshaft. Out the engine comes to replace it... might be time for lemon law.
  12. Had this exact situation happen to me. Dealer told me it was part of the harness relating to Cam Shaft Position Sensor. Waited a week. Dealer Said they fixed it. This was at 280km. Just happened again 2 days after getting the truck back at 450km. Will keep people updated on what happens!
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