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  1. Hello, I purchased an LLJ Customs harness and simply cannot get my aqua and tan connectors to detach from the audio module. I was able to grip a tab and pull it down toward the floor, seemingly unlocking the connector, but it will not budge. Naturally, the frustration is compounded by the lack of room to work! It's frustrating, doing through a multi-week process of getting everything fabricated, wired, installed, then to be hung up at this stage in the game at such a seemingly simple thing. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! I just don't want to break something on my daily driver...
  2. My apologies... Search didn't return results until I changed my query a bit. Looks like a bolt from the top and clips.
  3. I'm in the process of putting a stereo system in my non-Bose Sierra, and am having to run new speaker wires to the dash speakers (to avoid messing with the factory harness). I'd rather not have to completely disassemble the dashboard to get new speaker wires over to the driver side, so I am wondering if the dashboard cubby above the stereo can be removed by simply pulling it upwards. I don't know if it is just clipped in, or if there are bolts on the underside. I'm hoping that removing this would give me just enough access to run these new wires (or else I'll be cutting potentially 4+ wires trying to figure out which go to the dash versus which go to the front doors, since GM's infinite wisdom decided to power each side's dash/door combo on the same pin, with the same color wiring). The attached pic shows what I'm trying to remove. Thanks in advance for any insight!
  4. Hi Albert, Since you are in the middle of this process, maybe I could poke your brain a bit... Looking at my screen (8 inch), I am confused by my IOR RPO code. According to some oddity I saw online, the IOR has a 7 inch screen and doesn't have Sirius radio, but mine is 8 inch and does have Sirius. Beyond that, I am thrown for a loop about the factory amplifier. How on earth do I tell if I have one? Crutchfield seems to think that the Tuner and Amplifier are one unit, and it is separate from the display. So the display is in the dash, but the Tuner/Amp combo is under the dash on the right side. The confusion comes from the fact that some online state that the IOR doesn't have an amplifier (but if the screen in the dash is only that... JUST a screen, wouldn't there HAVE to be an amplifier circuit somewhere??). All of this comes up as I see more and more contradictory info, with no solid answer, and in choosing which equipment to get, I have to obviously know what exactly I have, versus what exactly I need. Thanks in advance for any insight you could lend me! Take care, Ron
  5. Nice find, thanks! Looking around a bit, it looks like there are components like this (to facilitate addition of amplifiers) and some others that have built-in EQs (which might be nice, considering how... shallow the factory EQ adjustments are). Time to do more research!
  6. Awesome, thanks for pointing out that build up! My plan is very similar to yours, with the exception of the sound deadening (I'm hesitant to go through the time/hassle; if my Tacoma didn't need it, the Sierra certainly won't, hahaha). I'm going to go check out that build! Thanks again
  7. Hello there! First time poster, after recently purchasing my first GM truck (just got out of a 15 year-long relationship with a Tacoma, followed by a short stint with a commuter car). While I do love my '21 GMC Sierra (1500 5.3L 4WD Crew Cab Elevation), the stereo (8-inch, non-Bose) is atrocious compared to the system I put into the Tacoma. I've been perusing Crutchfield's website, just to see what is available, and what fits, and it appears that replacing the head unit is not recommended. That is not a big surprise, considering the amount of vehicle settings/computer control that is tied into the stock unit. That is okay, I suppose. I don't mind the look and layout of the stock infotainment system. I am wondering, however: 1. Is there a way to add amps to the stock non-Bose system head unit? I see passing glances referencing aftermarket shops that make a... "device" (I can't remember what it is referred to as) that connects between this stock unit and the harness that allows this, but I haven't seen this "widget" for the non-Bose setup. 2. Looking at Crutchfield's site, it looks like there are subs and full-range speakers that fit into the doors (along with the dash mounted speakers). Are the stock speakers in the doors full-range (and CF is just saying that subs in the doors are an option, fitment-wise) or do some models actually come from the factory with subs in the doors? I'm just really trying to nail down what my options are, at this point. While the truck's usage was a priority when purchasing (which it has done well to take care of!), the more time I spend in it has made me despise the factory sound. Thanks in advance for any insight, or push in the right direction. Take care!
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