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  1. Mine has held for almost 2 weeks so hopefully that has fixed it for all of us. Thanks for the replies to all.
  2. I am in the process of installing mine as well. Mine came with a generic style wiring harness with a relay already wired up just needing a power source to the relay and to a switch. My thought is to just power the relay and find the power wire going to the low beam headlight or parking light circuit and tap into that wire so they will come on that way. From other articles I read that’s basically how the gen 5 kit does it but uses I plug in line instead of tapping a wire. Has anyone done it this way and know what color wire would be for either or both.
  3. I have a set of oem fog lights coming and my 2021 WT platform doesn’t support the factory switch option as I wanted. I don’t want to spend an add 200 for the gen 5 wiring harness. If I wire up the relays with power and ground would it be possible to tap into the low beam or the parking light circuit to power the lights. I read somewhere that the white wire could be used. Has anyone tried this out or have any knowledge. Thanks.
  4. My dealer has no idea on how to fix. They had it all day and went back and forth to check it and as soon as I started it up it zeroed out. If you find a dealer that has a clue please post.
  5. New 2021 Silverado 1500 Z71 having the same issues. Has been to the dealer 2 times already. Picked it up today and the advisor went out there to verify. I stuck the key in and turned it over and settings were where they set them. I returned later to take truck home stuck key in started it up and rechecked and it was all back to 0 settings. There has to be a fix. I have saved settings in both areas.
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