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  1. In Colorado, they are paying top $$$$ for used trucks. We just don't have any inventory to sell. Before I picked up my 2500, looking at used prices, they all seemed to be within a few thousand of what a new truck was going for. So we went new, I got real lucky, I was looking for a Chevy 2500 Custom crewcab, long box with the 5th wheel prep, there were none to be found on a lot within almost 200 miles of me. Happened to stop at a dealership, they had just pulled a GMC 2500 SLE crew longbos with the 5th wheel prep....off the car carrier....someone was looking out for me....I was desperate....the
  2. Heading out tomorrow to scout some camping sites. First at Lake Pueblo, we have never been down that way. Then maybe over to Florissant, for some dispersed sites. Tim
  3. Colorado, or at least where I live in the Colorado Springs area is selling right at or just below MSRP, the issue is no one had any on the lot. I needed to get out of my 2010 F350, and wanted a Chevy 2500 with the 6.6 Gasser, needed just a few things; long bed, 5th wheel prep, and at least a Custom trim level. One lot in about a 100 mile radius had 2 truck on the ground, and they were short beds, thought I might have to make the sacrifice, but they gave a crap offer on the Ford. While there, a dealer in Castle Rock called me, they had 2 LTZ due in, in a few days, so I went by there
  4. So the Factory Reset has seemed to fix my issues with the radio. Tim
  5. Ok, so while I was in a forum for a different truck brand I started a thread for just random talk, and pictures. I just purchased a 2021 SLE 2500 and will get a few pics up as soon as it stopes snowing and I get her clean. Look forward to chatting with the rest of ya T
  6. Thanks, It seems that I do have the ERS, for locking out gears when towing, and that is all I really need. My 2015 Ram, had the "Manual" mode for shifting gears yourself, my SLE does not seem to have that, and I am ok without it, I think I used once, just to try it in my Ram. I need to get my trailer hooked up and see how the ERS works, but have not reached the pre-towing break in mileage yet. Thank you for your reply tim
  7. Hi there, New owner of a 2021 GMC 2500 SLE with 5th wheel package, SLE Value Package, and X31 Offroad package. I was trying to get into Manual Mode on the transmission, on page 241 of the owners manual it says to pull back on the shift lever, when I do this nothing happens, so is this an option I may not have? Next will this affect the ERS, I would really like to be able to lock out 6th and possibly 5 gear while towing up and down hills. If I have read the book correctly, I need to shift into L for this to work, but have not tried it yet. Thanks for your help
  8. I did this, this morning. I guess time will tell. I am no audiophile but I do like stuff to stay they way I set it. Also, my EPB keeps activating, but that might be because I have a slopped driveway Tim
  9. Good Morning, or whatever part of the day you find yourself. I just bought a brand new 2021 GMC 2500 SLE (X31) CrewCab, long bed, with 5th wheel prep. It was a long painful, costly road to get here. Traded in a 2010 F350 PowerStroke that I bought in Feb and took a 5k loss but in the end it will be worth it. I went with the 6.6 LT8, as I only tow about 6-8 times a year, and most of that is within 200 miles of home. I live in Colorado, I am from Texas, retired Army, and full time student right now. Hope to have some great discussions T
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