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  1. I have been having the same issue with my 2021 TB LT 10 speed. I have been in 3 times already. First time, they told me it was because I had the truck in "Auto" instead of 2wd. So he told me that should fix it. Left the dealership....it definitely did not. Came back a couple days later and he said it's probably just the DFM I am feeling kick in and just to enjoy the truck and bring it back in if it persists. Needless to say.....I did not go back there as they were supposed to go on ride alongs both times and never did, which is why they never understood properly. Finally took it to another dealer and he hopped right in and felt it right away and especially on the highway. He was very confident that it was a tire balance issue as it wasn't as strong as the "shudder" that everyone is aware of. Had it balanced and they were about half an ounce off per tire. Still having the issue and almost feel like I am feeling it even more at the lower speeds as well now. Description of what I am feeling: From dead stop pulling out, i feel like the truck just is a little jumpy/jerky through the first two to three gears. There is just no consistency. once you get going it's not bad until you get closer around 60-65 and above with RPM's around 1500 and below. The truck starts to vibrate in the seat and steering wheel. I have played with the throttle and let off and put slight pressure back on and every time it causes it to shudder/vibrate. Anyone had the dealer give you any useful info that cured this problem? I am on visit 3 to the dealer on Tuesday at 9am for another ride along and steps moving forward. If it's not fixed by the 4th trip to the dealer I have already talked with someone from Lemon Law and going to just pursue that route to get rid of the truck which is unfortunate because it's a sharp truck........but having a 54k vibrating truck is unacceptable to me. Thanks in advance for any insight.
  2. @DougCBJIt has not done it since I took the Pulsar out. I just put the Pulsar back in, turned the DFM and auto start/stop back off and took it for a spin to test it out. Same thing happened again. So not sure what causes it but it's not doing it when the Pulsar is not installed.
  3. Quick question.......I bought the Pulsar LT so I could disable the DFM and Auto Start/Stop. I noticed shortly after the install and driving around that when coming to stop, if I have to apply a little harder pressure to the brakes (not much. Mainly what would be considered by most just a normal stop), right before it comes to a complete stop it feels like there is a bump or slight jump. Happened every time for a couple of days so I removed the Pulsar, and now it's gone. Anyone else experience that or know what could have caused it?
  4. This is practically brand new. Was just over $500 with taxes when purchased a few weeks ago. I realized right after my deadline to return it that I no longer need it. Had it installed maybe 2-3 days before taking it back out and boxing it all back up. Only thing you will have to buy is the adhesive velcro since I have the one side already applied in the truck. Feel free to text me at 865-621-8096
  5. Hey! I was just curious if they ever fixed it. I think I feel the same thing from time to time. It’s subtle but can definitely feel it. I also feel like the lower gears shift harder from time to time, which I was told all is related to the DFM. I ordered the Pulsar LT so I can deactivate the DFM and hoping it shifts a lot smoother once that’s done. Because outside of that I love this truck. But it’s currently driving me nuts holding my breath every time I start driving to see how the gears are going to shift lol
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