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  1. They are now replacing the carpet in the truck and the window is still leaking it seems like they just do things backwards at GM. And I found the window leaking when it was raining the whole lower slider track had water in it with the slider closed. I will have to look for more when if I get the truck back this time
  2. Got my truck back after window #3 top of window was not leaking as of now but water is getting in it some how because the carpet is soaking wet and all the metal and seat adjustments that are kinda painted to not painted at all are all rusty
  3. So a little update. The truck has been up at the dealership about 7-8 times and the past few times I haven't even taken it home due to it still not being fixed and same for today went to pick it up while it was raining and had water coming in so had to leave it there again and take the same little buick suv home again. At this point they have replaced the spoiler 2-3 times the headliner has been replaced the window have been revealed countless times. Opened a claim with GM and they are basically useless. At this point I don't think it's fixable it's really disappointing
  4. I've opened a case already they have yet to do anything about it. I will be in contact with one very soon. And I got the truck back today after being told it was good to go no leaks I looked at the window before leaving and found water marks running down it again and clearly on the inside after being told it was good to go this is ridiculous
  5. My truck has been in the shop roughly 4 months total because they can't get it to stop leaking. It has been in and out 6 times now and I still don't have it back they gave me a little buick suv that can't even be used to haul anything. And I am having the same issues with the quality of work that everyone else recently seems to be having with the scratches on the bedsides and where the seat belts retract after headliner and rear window replacement. Any ideas on what to do?
  6. My truck has been in 3 time with this leak and the first 1 time getting it back it was like a water fall and the second and third are very little leaks and they replaced the headliner and rear window itself and it's still leaking after the third time of getting it back and it's in the same place as before and in in the lower track of the window now too. I believe at this point is is something Wrong with the design of the trucks water draining system from the roof causing the water to get into the vehicle (pictures are from the most current leak) 20210518_175326.heic
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