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  1. Hello all. 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 Elevation X31 Duramax. Infotainment package. The truck has been trouble and issue free since I purchased in June. Yesterday as I got in and started it up, there was no audio from the truck, despite the head unit controls on the screen looking normal. Radio was silent, internet music was silent, and phone calls were silent. Complete silence. I tried adjusting volume, muting, turning on and off, etc., nothing. I pulled over, turned off the truck, started it back up, and the same problem continued. When I got to where I was going and turned it off for about 20 minutes while I had an appointment, all audio worked as normal when I started it back up. Anyone had anything like this happen to them? ***** Nevermind - I found the other thread. Can't find out to delete this post. Cheers.
  2. Agree completely. I think the best way to explain the ride after installing the Sumo Springs is it rides like I have about 750 pounds in the bed of the truck - it's not floating and bouncing. Feels good to me .
  3. Not harsh at all when unloaded because I opted to: 1. Not use the optional 1" spacer that would place the Sumo Spring in direct contact with the axle, thereby only engaging it when there is a lot of movement in the axle. 2. I opted for the mid-level "blue" product rather than the much firmer "black" option.
  4. Hello all. 2021 3.0L Duramax X31 Elevation owner. I am about to take ownership of a travel trailer and will be using a WD hitch (roughly 6500 pounds of trailer with a 700 tongue weight). Both well within the ratings, but I'll need to be wary of the truck's payload capacity. I will eventually replace the spongy Rancho shocks with Bilsteins when they wear out, but was looking for something to assist with squat and stability when towing. I ordered the blue Sumo Springs after researching Timbrens and other options. Ordered Monday direct from the manufacturer and received them two days later. They only took about 30-45 minutes to install them this morning, and much of that was chocking the fronts, jacking it up, and placing jack stands. Huge improvement in the unloaded stability and ride of the truck when going over bumps and on corners - not near as much bounce, and not harsh at all. Anyone else running the Sumo Springs?
  5. Of all the research I did before purchasing my Duramax Sierra Elevation X31 in June 2021, I never ran across that linked article. It did a great job of pulling everything together despite it being from a few years ago. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I understand it's springs, cooling, and a 3.73 rear end.
  7. I figured it was a bid process for generic suppliers. Traffic is high enough at this station with lots of diesel pickups in this part of North Texas, so I'll keep using it along with fill-ups at QT and other high-volume pumps. The truck seems like both well enough, and diesel for $1.90/gal after my grocery shopping discount at the Tom Thumb station is not bad at all...
  8. I've not been able to find anything online despite multiple searches and phrasing. Does the group know who supplies diesel to this grocery chain in Texas (specifically, the DFW area)? I know that the chain has an agreement with Chevron/Texaco for rewards points to be used for discounts at their stations, but don't know if the agreement is reciprocated in terms of supplying the grocery store fuel stations. I'm interested because I can typically save $1 per gallon on diesel by fueling there due to the amount I spend in groceries. I found an old post from nearly 10 years ago that it may have been Citgo back then, and others that it may be "local suppliers", but nothing in the last 5-10 years. Does anyone have any insight??
  9. I put a Tyger T1 roll-up soft tonneau cover on my Elevation yesterday. Easy install, does what I want it to do, and gives me access to the entire bed when rolled up vs. only 2/3 of the bed with a tri-fold. Good quality, easy instructions, and the Amazon product photos also included a nice step by step video for the installation that filled in the gaps from the IKEA-type instructions.
  10. If you're running one of the V8 gas engines (5.3 or 6.2), it sure sounds like one of the dreaded lifter failures.
  11. It almost looks like something acidic landed on your truck and etched the paint.
  12. I just took my 2021 X31 Elevation 3.0l Duramax on it's first road trip of significance - a 900 mile round trip down to the Texas Hill Country from north of DFW. We did quite a bit of driving on the twisty roads through the Balcones Escarpment, in addition to winery and brewery tours, shopping, and just getting away. Mileage for the entire trip, including the city and small town driving, starting and stopping, lots of rain, etc. was 24.1 mpg on the computer, and 24.3 by hand. Best mileage over a rolling 50 mile average was 28.3 on the DIC (that figure was hit twice). Cruise control used as much as possible at 2-4 mph over posted speed limits. Plenty of passing power on two lane highways. I'll take that! Now, this thing needs a serious wash!
  13. I picked this one up on Saturday. 2021 Sierra 1500 Elevation X31 4x4 with the Duramax. Cayenne Red tintcoat. Loving this thing...
  14. Nothing new. My old 2006 VW Jetta had the same felt pad.
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