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  1. I changed my oil on my 22 3500hd gasser at 1000 miles and used Pennzoil platinum along with the Fram ultra synthetic filter. I seem to be getting slightly better mpg than before. I plan on changing again at 5,000 miles. So far so good with this oil and I'll probably use it in my car when the time comes. This is a great engine! It's a lot mellower than the 6.0 gas I used to own.
  2. Thanks for the great towing feedback!! What gear were you able to maintain on flat ground pulling your 5er? What is your cruising speed on flat ground? Thanks in advance!!
  3. Just picked up a cayenne red 3500HD AT4 6.6 gas on Friday. I love it!! I was just cruising on the interstate going 75 at around 1,800 RPMs. The transmission is very smooth and the engine seems to have a lot of torque at lower RPMs also. The cab is extremely quite and the camera system is excellent. The dealer had the same truck with the Duramax and I test drove them back to back. I chose the gasser this time around for my needs. I sold a 2019 high country Duramax to buy this truck.
  4. How does your truck handle that load? How does it do on the hills? What gear are you in at highway speeds? What RPMs do you see? Are you satisfied with your truck, specifically the drivetrain? Thanks in advance!
  5. I agree with you, the Duramax engine is excellent and will run and run forever. The problem is all of the emissions junk they put on them which is the weak link (unless the truck went on a diet). The def heater, egr, nox sensors, dpf etc... will likely have issues before the engine will. I can repair a lot of these items after warranty is up but I'm getting older and not sure if I want to. Another big concern is having one of these items fail while 1,000 miles from home and finding someone to work on it. I'm still on the fence about whether to get a new gas or diesel truck. I loved my L5P.
  6. Thanks for confirming GM's higher payload. That's what's important to me along with a better ride and no death wobble
  7. Lol. That Furd camper package comes with death wobble and the worst ride quality of the big 3. Plus it might come with the 10 speed tranny recall also depending when you bought the new 7.3... You're not going to convince anybody Furd is better here. But apparently you can't let it go. Go enjoy your Furd!
  8. Oh boy here we go... I'm glad you're happy with your Ford purchase and I'm happy for you. But there's no way I can believe that based on my test drives. I test drove all 3 brands of trucks recently and the Chevy had the best ride imo. I'll stick with IFS and avoid the death wobble also. To each his own and I'm glad you like your Ford and I'll stick with GM.
  9. Thanks Another JR! One of my biggest concerns living in Colorado is getting up I-70 with my truck camper loaded. It looks like the 6.6 gas will work fine for my needs. I only take a few trips a year now but that will increase after I retire in a few years. I also like the fact of lowering the likelihood of an expensive repair and not having to deal with def, dpf, egr, nox sensors etc... And the lower maintenance cost is great too!
  10. Thanks Ray! I'm really leaning towards a gas truck for my needs and it's great to get your real world feedback. I'm retiring in a few years so I want a solid and reliable drive train that won't add any costly unexpected repairs to my budget.
  11. Thanks MORSNO! I'm thinking about finding a good used 6.0 Drw, that might serve me well also based on your feedback. I was checking Autotrader and unfortunately there aren't many gas hd trucks out there. If I decide to go with a new gas Drw hd truck I might have to order one. I've got a little time to decide, I'm planning on having another truck by next March hopefully. Maybe all of these supply chain issues will be cleared up by then!
  12. Is anyone using a new 6.6 gas to haul a truck camper? If so, how does it handle the hills? I've read nearly all of the towing posts but couldn't find anything on hauling a truck camper. I plan on buying a truck camper that will have a wet weight of around 4,500 lbs. I'm debating on new diesel or gas Denali DRW truck. I used to have a 2019 High Country Duramax DRW but took advantage of the high resale value because I was not using the truck much. The next truck I get will only be driven around 7,500 miles a year camping and local trips. I loved the Duramax but I was getting nervous about potential costly repairs after warranty. Based on my usage I'm leaning towards gas but don't want to have regrets. I was looking at the Ford 7.3 gas but there's no way I'm going to settle for that terrible ride. I test drove a couple of the Fords and the ride was hideous. I've been a Chevy guy and have gotten use to the great ride it has so I plan to stick with GM. Thanks in advance.
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