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  1. Ok, I'll admit I exaggerated when I called it "worthless." It's worth at least scrap and probably a fair amount more than that. However to say it's worth market value I believe is a stretch. I get it if it's been in for a straightforward repair like an alternator or water pump. In that case there is no degradation in value. However mine has had the engine torn apart 3 times. Even if the mechanic working on my vehicle were the most skilled in the world, there's a lot of precision that goes into assembling the top end of an engine. In the factory it's done with jigs and machines. The sho
  2. I've had the lifters replaced twice and the head gasket once in my 2021 Yukon. 17 days in the shop across the 3 repairs. By Florida lemon law I don't have a case. I even took it to the Better Business Bureau and they said there wasn't much they could do. I did write GM about it. They're going to extend my power train warranty to 100K miles. I already had a 75K mile extended bumper to bumper, so that didn't help much. I would have thought lemon law would help since my engine had been apart 3 times by the time I hit 5,000 miles. However since it's repaired the lemon law didn't
  3. I have the same issue with my 2021 Yukon 6.2L. 5,000 miles on the odometer and it's been in twice for lifters and once for head gasket. I'm pretty convinced that the head gasket blew because they didn't install it correctly during the second lifter repair. At this point I have no idea how long the truck will last or how I will eventually sell it. No person in their right mind would buy a used vehicle if they knew the heads have been off 3 times in the first 5K miles. If those repairs show up on a CARFAX I might as well just sell it for scrap when I get rid of it. I can pretty
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