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  1. Installed my switch panel today, everything works as advertised. It’s nice not having to navigate the touch screen to get the 360 cameras up. Thanks peterlawl84 for sharing the information to make the swap possible.
  2. Very informative posts. I have a 2021 high country suburban with the same switch setup as you. Ordered part # 84786497, I will report back with another data point after install. I also plan on installing an auto stop eliminator at the same time. FYI, for anyone with a non Denali Yukon or Tahoe/Suburban the switch panel disassembly/assembly is covered in a video on the auto stop eliminator web site.
  3. You may have checked this but it’s worth mentioning. With the vehicle running, click settings on the infotainment screen. Next click apps, the top two choices are the ability to enable/disable Android auto and Apple CarPlay.
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