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  1. I have a 2021 Silverado1500 with the small diesel.When I bought the truck dealer told me i didn't have to subscribe to wifi to download apps.I would be able to use my phone or home network as a wifi hotspot to download the apps.Had waze downloaded because I like the speed trap feature. After the free trial for wifi ended There are no apps listed in infocenter . I thought i could download apps with a phone hotspot.When I try it shows it on available networks it will connect but only stays connected for about 30 seconds.The dealer is telling me i am not able to connect to any other wifi but the one built into the truck. I called a Chevy 800 number and they told me if it comes up as available network i should be able to use it to download apps. Don't know if i am getting the runaround from the dealer or if they are correct. Any help would be appreciated
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