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  1. I hear it on my 2019 Sierra if I drive far enough. Local trips it doesn't to it.
  2. Mine does that too. When it's off, if I press the Home button, or just turn the volume dial, it comes back on. Also comes on sometimes when I start the truck, even though it's off when I shut the truck off.
  3. If I press the home key on my 2019 Sierra, the radio comes on. It also comes on if I turn the volume dial. This is when it's apparently turned off, not muted. I don't know if it ever gets turned off. The backlight is always on. Is this normal operation? The dealer told me they are supposed to do that, but I have my doubts.
  4. This is an old thread but I just had the same thing happen on my '01 Sierra 1500. Who ever designed the rear brakes on this trucks should be very VERY embarrassed. I removed a stud (thanks for that tip), drilled out the hole and used a self tapper with a gob of never-seize. Getting the drum/disk back on and off and on and off to do the stupidest brake adjustment ever thought of is another story. I give up for today and will tackle it again maybe tomorrow.
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