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  1. That’s actually pretty good idea, that might work. I wish I had the wiring diagram tho.
  2. Yeah I heard about that with the new trucks, but there is nothing much you can do.
  3. I’m not totally sure, thought it was the classic push in the lock and jam the ignition. He had a 03 cateye, so I figured that’s what happened.
  4. I got a 2017 Silverado 2lt with remote start and recently a peer of mine got his truck stolen. I want to add something to my truck to prevent that but I can’t really afford the viper alarm system at the moment so i want to install a kill switch in the ignition. If someone could share the wiring diagram that would be awesome because I can’t seem to find it and I was curious if there was a way to install the kill switch without losing my remote start.
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