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  1. What's amazing after the "starter" was switched for third time, it managed to run from NY to the dealership even though the flywheel was messed up.
  2. I brought an 2010 GMC Acadia SL on November 20, 2021 for the amount of $7,098. The car was sold as-is and was tested before I brought it with no issues. Fast forward, on November 24, 2021, the car just turned off and did not start back up again. I had to get toll truck to take it to the nearest mechanic which cost about $100. The mechanic took a look at the vehicle, and he said that it was the "Starter" that was not working. So it was replaced, with a new one. Once it was replaced, the car started fine but noticed the windshield was automatic and could not be turned off. We turned off the car, and turned it back on again, the vehicle would not start. The mechanic took a look at the issue again and decided to swap out the starter for a new one, guess what? It turned on then back again it would not start , the mechanic said, leave it here since it is late and I will take a look. We came back two days later since it was Thanksgiving and the mechanic said that the "Flywheel" is the problem. It is damaged but the cost and labor work will cost a lot of money. We called the dealership and told him what the issue was and said bring the car over and let's talk. The mechanic somehow band aided the car to just run but cannot be turned off. Long story short, the dealer gave me $6500 and had to returned the car. Now today I learned that the dealer placed a stop on the check because he thinks I messed up the car or the mechanics did. Once he finds out the damages from his mechanics, he will give me the actual amount back. Can I take him to court?
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