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  1. I talked with the local GM service manager about it today. If it only needs an update the $75.00 diagnostic fee will cover it. If the module has to be replaced it will cost$1,000.00!!!!!!!!! He said the module costs $800 and labor to install and configure it will be $200. Y'all want to bet which repair I will need?
  2. I have a 2002 Suburban with auto-Ride. I bought this vehicle in Feb. of this year. The compressor that levelled the vehicle worked then but recently I have not heard it kick in and when I hooked to my 10' equipment trailer the rear sagged . I took it to the local dealer because I was not sure what fuse to check. A service tech went out to my truck and looked under the hood in the fuse box. He pointed to an empty spot and said that was my problem. It was missing a 30 amp fuse. I didn't think he was right but went along with him. The empty spot was labeled A.I.R. He gave me a fuse and said that should solve my problem. It didn't. Am I wrong or is that fuse used only in a diesel motor? I read the owners manual and the only fuse I could find according to it was the one marked RTD(Real Time Dampening).It was good. What else do I need to check and is there a way to check the compressor?
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    Albany ( that's pronounced All-binny). They can take the flag off the pole but not out of our heart. Seriously, If Lee and Davis could see the what has happened to the Stars and Bars and the way it has been misused by extremist groups they would not want to be associated with it either.
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