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  1. Thanks. I think I figured out how to interpret all the numbers now in the door label. I’ll post it tomorrow when I get it back from the shop. Thanks for your help
  2. Probably 6800 lbs for trailer and 1400 payload . In lookIng at the link attached, I don’t think I have the maximum trailer package so I’m wondering if the same towing capacity of 9200 lbs is advisable. I have the tow mode , intergrated brakes and rear camera view . I don’t know I have the right axle ratio , heavier shocks and extra cooler that comes with the max trailer option which wasn’t available .
  3. I’m looking for guidance on whether I can tow a 5800 lb travel trailer with my 2021 Sierra Elevation 1500 diesel, 3.24 Axle ratio. It’s difficult to obtain a clear answer on this anywhere. Thanks you in advance for sharing your experience.
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