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  1. If it was on the window sticker, perhaps they need to put them in, or give you back some money. My boyfriend bought a Toyota Camry few years back. He got home and we started looking at the items.. GPS on Window sticker, not on vehicle, and a couple other things.. He argued with them til they spend the 2K and put in the GPS. and other items that were missing. Seems like the sticker is only for a price hike..
  2. being a newby I have read your comments about the voice command. My sis has a 2015 chevy silverado. She has problems with the gps not giving verbal directions. It will sound like a crackle in the speaker, then it gives the first, go to command for the trip, but then will no longer give the verbal directions. It will still show the directions as a list, but no voice. Any one who has had this, send to me please. Shes 84 and I have to know how to fix all of her electronics! And I know enough to be dangerous. But also when to stop when its not my vehicle. Fran
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